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soda scholarship in tuscany

updated sun 6 dec 09


tony clennell on sat 5 dec 09

Whoever gets this scholarship ending April 25th just be sure to leave
some wine for my gang. Our workshop starts that day at la Meridiana
and is full with 15 participants and some spouses. The workshop has
not even been advertised yet and it is full to capacity. There are few
gooduns from the last time I taught there but with great additions
from the Metchosin gang and I do believe Clayart. I'm glad to have
Sheila joining me this time around. I can't wait to see the pots this
gang will make and fire in that sweet little two chamber kiln fired
with olive and plum.
What a great gang we have going to Tuscany!

Workshop Feb 5,6,7 Mudbucket Pottery
Myrtle Beach, SC