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updated tue 1 dec 09


Mary Starosta on mon 30 nov 09

What I have learned so far: I have a Skutt KM 1027 kiln Automatic. My
program is typically
100 220F 0
350 2000 0
150 2175-0r 2190 .05
500 1900 0
100 1400F 0
I was getting the most amazing glazes and colors and matts at this program
for about 8 months. Than my thermocouple needed to be replaced. For the
last 3 months I have been struggling to get the same results. I can still
get nice glossy glazes but my matts were still glossy. Too much heat work
since the replacement and my cone 6 went from a 3 O'clock position bent to =
touching shelf 1-4 melted tip. I couldn't seem to get back to my 3 o'clock
position and my time went from 14.5 to about 18.1 hours firing. I was
tweaking my program with less temp at peak,etc. not much success. Called
Skutt, talked to Perry (techie) awesome company. I knew my amps were serie=
of 3 at 14,11,14 but my voltage was fine and NO ERROR messages.
My Bisque 04 firing was in the range of 13.1-14.5 hrs and cone just bending
not much difference.
Skutt said the problem was the STRESS on my elements with that slow cool
firing. Thought I should take the peak temp down to say 2160 hold .05 and
than 500 1900F and than 100 to say 1700F or maybe 1800F and I should stil=
than be able to get my matts. Hummmmm Has anyone had success in keeping
their elements longer by tweaking the slow cool between less time between
100 and say 1800F and ending there? By the way, Skutt is sending me new
elements on them since I am still under a 2-year warranty. Love them!

Mary Starosta
Colorado Potter