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crappin yerself in hip waders

updated tue 1 dec 09


tony clennell on mon 30 nov 09

Gary: I did laugh out loud at your tale of letting one rip in your hip
waders only to find more than bad air came out. Crappin yerself in hip
waders could be a metaphor for life in pottery. Once you're in them t
you can't get out too quickly. If you make a mess in there ya have to
live with it cause no one else is going let you into their car until
you've cleaned yourself up. Actually all is well if you don't sit
down. Today though I decided I ain't going into the studio not even to
record my firing in the log book. I brought the log into the house and
just go out every hour to check the firing.
I'm going to read a book this aft (The Year of Living Biblically by
A.J. Jacobs) and sit by the wood stove. Might even have a Creemore
Springs lager sometime early afternoon. I just can't face the studio
Tomorrow I will do a major clean up for my studio show and sale this
weekend. Don't want to make anything this week. I need to pull away
for a week and do all the other stuff.
Workshop Feb 5,6,7 Mudbucket Pottery
Myrtle Beach, SC