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deep red matte glaze cone 5/6

updated sun 29 nov 09


Joyce Anttila on sat 28 nov 09

Hi Fellow Clayarters,

Hello and happy Thanksgiving Saturday from Colorado. I've been enjoying=3D0=
he clayart digest for about 6 months, but have had trouble posting.=3D0AHop=
e =3D
this makes it on!=3D20
I'm enjoying the conversation about glazes and=3D0Awhere to find things.=3D=

I=3D0Aam looking for a burgundy *matte* cone 5/6 glaze and wonder if anyone=
as a recommendation on a book or recipe with a colorant that they've tried.=
=3DA0 I looked at the Alfred docs from Bill, but don't know how much colora=
to use!??!=3DA0=3D20
I'd consider a commercial matte burgundy glaze -- anyone know of one? I spr=
ay glaze a tall dog figurine -- looking for a glaze that doesn't run. If an=
yone has a suggestion I'd appreciate it.
Thanks, Joyce