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eqiuilibrium eutectic/deformation eutectic/pre-fused samples

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For those with a strong interest in the Science and Technology of Ceramic
Arts Crafts. this paper gives a routine that could be adopted to exploit
local and regional sources of raw material. Fahrenheit Temperature scale

Control of the Properties of Glazes by the Aid of Eutectics.
A Study of Fusion Behaviour and Other Properties of Ceramic Mixtures in the
Eutectic Areas
by Arthur S. Watts.
Department of Ceramic Engineering, The Ohio State University, Columbus,
Journal of the American Ceramic Society. Vol.38, No 10. October 1, 1955.
This research was sponsored by the Edward Orton Jr., Ceramics Foundation,
Columbus Ohio.
The Author is professor emeritus, Department of Ceramic Engineering, The
Ohio State University.

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