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i learned something interesting about making a living as an artist=

updated mon 23 nov 09


Deborah Thuman on sun 22 nov 09


A few weeks ago, I commissioned a potter friend to make me two lidded
mugs. I wanted my tea to stay hot until I was done drinking it. She
asked if I wanted anything specific in colors. Nope - surprise me; I'm
sure I'll love it. And I do love my mugs. They work wonderfully. They
are beautiful.

Yesterday was the annual Posole Party and Sale she and her partners
put on. As I meandered through the gallery seeing what I wanted to
buy, I saw a lidded mug like mine. Ah ha! When doing a commission,
always make extra in case something unexpected happens.

So... I now have two lidded mugs, a small bowl and a gorgeous large
bowl, and a wonderful lesson about the realities of being in business.
The posole was darned good, too.

BTW - our friends said that their 2-day sale went extremely well and
they were a tad worried because of the way the economy isn't going.

Deb Thuman