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^6 stony matte now bozak stony white revised by ron roy

updated mon 23 nov 09


Eva Gallagher on sat 21 nov 09

Here is the Ron Roy revised version of Bozak Stony White for cone 6. I've
only used it on a few test tiles as shortly after we got our gas kiln going=
However the test tiles looked good - nice rusts with the iron underglaze.
Bozak Stony White - Ron Roy revised.

Neph Sye 34
Dolomite 22
FRit 3278 (Used 3134) 15.5
Silica 5
Talc 3.5
OM#4 18
Zinc ox 2
Total 100
add Tin oxide 3

Hope it works for you

Eva Gallagher
Deep River, Ontario