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wadding on a flat sculpture.

updated wed 18 nov 09


Paul Haigh on mon 16 nov 09

I recently did a 2 day handbuilding demo during NH's "Open Doors" (gallerie=
s/artists, businesses open doors for a weekend all over the state) at a loc=
al gallery. Rather than building pots, I revisited building a castle, as th=
e last one I did was 20some odd years ago in HS (it was broken as a bisque =
piece when someone else threw clay).

Anyway- it's about 12"x18" and about 12" high, on a thin plywood board (for=
mer bottom out of a cheap desk drawer thin). I will woodfire the snot out o=
f this without glaze, but worry about getting wads under it. I had thought =
about bisquing by putting it in board and all... and a bunch of other schem=
es involving carefully sliding it off the board. They all scare me.

Any advice on getting this wadded? Should I bisque?


Russel Fouts on tue 17 nov 09


Put it in your electric kiln on the board and bisque it, absolutely.

Then when you highfire it, you will be able to move it around with
out worring about it as well as wad it to help with the shrinkage.


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