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mel's sale

updated mon 30 aug 10


mel jacobson on sun 15 nov 09

of course, i am always upbeat...and happy, but
this was really a good sale.
about 30 percent more sales than normal, and
my guest artists did well too.

audrey our textile artist/ friend sold a lot, and even some
2-300 dollar jackets...felted, bright red. terrific items.

the jeweler was late setting up, and missed that
early `feeding frenzie friday morning`. so she did miss out.
but, still did well.
price point about 25-35 she makes her stuff
from copper...with heat treated designs, covered with
acrylic laqc. nice stuff. if she had been doing silver or gold
she would have been shut out. not many folks laying down
$200 for a pin.

lots of cash, and i got 18 strangers that signed my
guest book, and everyone that came in the door bought stuff.

as with david. folks are excited about lower/medium cost, nice hand
made things. no credit card inquiries. i sold a ton of
30 dollar average pots. they add up fast...`hey, these are
cool, lets take 4 at that price.`

so, i do believe the artistic crafts do have an advantage
right now. and, i am doing a one day sale dec 19th.
i will send out about 400 cards, local only. last minute.
so, back to back. it seems to make sense.

colleen and her family was with us for part of the sale, getting
the lay of the they will have a home sale with her
next weekend. and, she owes me 30 percent, so go colleen, go.
(that is part of her education. my clay, my glaze, my kiln. she
has to sell what she makes to pay me back. good education, and
she understands she is not on the dole. she has a responsibility. and
we share in the entire process. and, if she does really well, she will
have about 2 grand in her pocket.)
from: minnetonka, mn
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marta matray on sat 28 aug 10

just got back from mel's sale, we got some great new pots,=3D20=3D20
thank you, mel!=3D20
and your puppy is gorgeous, her teeth are pretty sharp :)=3D20