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tichane books

updated sat 13 dec 97


Kathy McDonald on fri 12 dec 97


This is in response to Susan Davy's request for information
on how to get Robert Tichane's books,........

I ordered mine some years ago.......there are a series of five books..
i got one on ash glazes and another on copper reds......there were 3
in the series:

Those Celadon Blues
Clay Bodies
Ching-te-chen: Views of a porcelain City

I now wish i had all five......

I am not sure whether they can be obtained anymore but i got mine from:

New York Glaze Institute
511 North Hamilton Street
Painted Post, NY

The phone number listed as of 1993 is


The books that I have are an excellent reference source for anyone
wanting to
do indepth research into reds and ash glazes.....

Hope this helps!!!!

Kathy McDonald
Brandon , Manitoba

(who actually has her tree up and the shortbread and mincemeat tarts
...........wonders never cease!!!!)