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thank you richard/ group shows

updated thu 12 nov 09


Joseph Bennion on tue 10 nov 09

Richard and Mel,I am happy to see this sort of thing catching on. For some =
time now when I have conducted workshops I have pushed the idea of "taking =
back the markets". I believe that for too long potters have depended way to=
o much on show/fair organizers and gallery/shop keepers to sell their work.=
Artist organized shows have done well here in Utah. I don't go to them bec=
ause things are so good here at home. I sell 90+% of my wares from my own s=
howroom. I hold 3-4 home shows a year and sell to drop in traffic. Of cours=
e I helps that I live in an area that allows me to leave the shop open for =
people to drop by. I know there are other potters in rural settings who do =
that.Here is a blog entry I wrote some time back that relates to this.

Joe the Potter

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--- On Tue, 11/10/09, mel jacobson wrote:

From: mel jacobson
Subject: thank you richard/ group shows
Date: Tuesday, November 10, 2009, 6:44 AM

yes, richard, creative marketing, in bad times.

it would also be interesting if potters approached smaller
art centers, museums etc...and promote group shows, with
real `sales` attached.

in my last show at hopkins center for the arts i had tables
full of pots that could be taken from the, take, out
the door.
a box of pots under each table to fill in.
the art center made a gob of money.=3DA0 so did i.

i am promoting a show of 5 women potters, same deal.
show and sale.=3DA0 the eyes of the director get really big
when you give her a check for several thousand dollars.
commission.=3DA0 they had 50 shows and never made more than
50 bucks.=3DA0 who buys paintings, goofey sculpture...?
i have been to three shows there this past red dots.

but, folks you cannot sit on your hands and wait to be invited.
i just marched right into the directors office a few years back
with an outline and a sales proposal.=3DA0 this is how we will do it,
this is how much you will do this, i will do that.
then do it.=3DA0 fulfill all the pledges in the contract.
rather easy actually.
just like getting a hotel for nceca.=3DA0 contact, sales proposal, keep
your word.=3DA0 do it.
it is called business.=3DA0 do you really think that galleries in new york
are in it for the `love of artists`.=3DA0 hell, most of them don't give a d=
bottom line rules.
=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0there is no such thing as being `discovered`.=3DA0 it is har=
d work,
promotion and getting after it.=3DA0 it does not mean ego.=3DA0 it is basic
`letting the world know you exist`.=3DA0 who else is going to do it.?
if i do not work ridatick, it will not sell.=3DA0 r.e.i. sports stores
just came on board
this last week.=3DA0 hard work.=3DA0 that will be like 50,000 units.=3DA0 a=
nd, th=3D
is our third big hit this fall.=3DA0 took 5 years of bloody hard work.

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