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updated sun 8 nov 09


Randy O'Brien on fri 6 nov 09

I'm in the process of buying a home and need to get insurance
lined up within the next couple weeks. Apparently the
home/business policy I currently have with USAA is no
longer available because I have 2 electric kilns. I remember
seeing this thread previously on clayart and found a
recommendation in the archives for State Farm. They offered
me a home/business policy, which I am grateful for as a back-up.
However, I'm hoping that I could get other quotes for
insurance. If you have reasonably priced home/full-time
pottery studio business insurance with
a company that has good customer service, ( I realize
that is asking a lot), what company is your insurer?


Mayssan Farra on sat 7 nov 09

If you are AARP like me:) I do recommend their insurance with the Hartford.=
they were very easy to work with and when I had a car accident they paid p=
romptly. I have our house cars and home business with them (the home busine=
ss rider is like a business insurance that includes coverage for my work an=
d liability anywhere I or my art work goes up to a million for liability) t=
he rider for the home business costs me about $450 a year.

But you have to get old to qualify :)

Mayssan Shora Farra