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fwd: larkin kiln shelves

updated wed 28 oct 09


Paul Borian on tue 27 oct 09

all i will add is that i can take one of my newish 18X24 corelites and lift
it up over my head with one hand (just thought i would try it since they
seemed so light) and after at least 10 firings to cone 11 those shelves are
straighter than many of the larkin silicon carbides were right from the
factory (and they feel like they are made out of lead compared to the
corelites. And they cost a lot more.
I would never recommend the chinese silicon carbides over the corelites for
any purpose. One of the reps from Resco (who distributes them) said there
is a factory he sold them to a while back that was firing to cone 10, going
from cold to cold in about 12 hours. That is, starting up, firing to cone
10 and having it unloaded all in a 12 hour period. I would not try that
myself but they must be good shelves if that can handle that (if that is a
true story, who knows)


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From: Brandon Phillips
Date: Oct 27, 2009 1:29pm
Subject: Larkin kiln shelves

> While we're on the subject of Larkin kiln shelves...

> I recieved a bunch today for the University I teach at. You can read

> about them here:


> Brandon Phillips