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fwd: re: mixing/pouring bowl without handle?

updated mon 26 oct 09


Paul Borian on sun 25 oct 09

thanks for all the replies so far - that's very nice of all of you!
i read them all quickly but will take more time later as this will all be
valuable info.

just a few points to mention for the moment:
first, although this item obviously needs a bit of work i still sell all
that i make of them and by next week will have 0 on the shelf - so it's not
like i dozens of them collecting dust from years ago. But, it definitly is
not one of the best sellers and it really should be.

the glazes are just a common ash glaze (Frasca-Aerni that i found in
ceramis monthly about 10 years ago with the addition of copper carb)
sprayed around the rim; and Ohata Red is on the inside of the bowl and
sprayed (or you could dip i suppose) along the bottom part of the bowl.
Fired to cone 11 with fryer oil! But you can also fire in an electric kiln
to cone 10 if you do some soaking, ramping down, etc. If anyone needs the
exact formulas for the glazes just contact me directly.

i found Lis Allison's comment about how no one probably cooks any more kind
of amusing. I definitely get your point but - don't give up all hope just
yet, it's not like EVERY single person in the world goes to mcdonalds for
breakfast lunch and dinner 7 days a week just yet. Actually i think a lot
of people are realizing just how much damage fast/junk food has done to
people and are starting to move back toward a sensible diet, which means
doing at least some cooking. The demand for my line of funtional pottery,
which is mostly kitchen & serving items, is the most it has ever been (and
far more than i can produce) so there must be some people cooking out there=

the mixing bowl i make in the blue glaze sells about the same so i don't
think it is really the glaze.

One other thing for now - this form also has a tendency to warp, especially
with a bigger handle (like a pitcher style handle which i have also used in
the past) so that also is one of the reasons for eliminating the handle. i
think it is partly because the spout can easily distort the shape, plus it
is very thin and the handle just distorts it more. But i have several ideas
already on how to improve the handle if i decide to keep putting one on

BTW that image hosting software was made by Shozam and downloaded for less
than $100 i think, here is a link to the what the gallery looks like from
the beginning: