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show in sacramento again

updated fri 12 dec 97


Craig Martell on wed 10 dec 97


I'm doing another Xmas gig at Postcards Etc. 2101 L St (midtown) in
Sacramento, Ca. again. The opening is the 12th, this Saturday, from 6:00 to
9:00 PM. There will be the usual wine-food scene and Jazz and Blues by
Francesca Gorre, vocals and Delbert Bump, keyboards. We had more fun than
anyone should be allowed last year thanks to our hosts Jeff Heald and Abdon
LeGrande. This year is expected to surpass last years fun-piggery. My
partner Linda Owen will have her work there too. She does cone 10 Ox
porcelain and pastel drawings. You can check her work out in Kathy
Triplett's book, Handbuilt Ceramics. I think she has two photos in the
book. She's good, come and see her work. I sent them some of my cone 10 ash
glazed and salt fired stuff.

I hope some of you guys in the area can drop by.....Craig Martell-Oregon

Valice Raffi on thu 11 dec 97

Hi Craig,

thanks for the message re: your Sac show. Unfortunately, it's our "holiday
art sale again. We are open til 11pm, so if you're not too tired or busy,
maybe you can come by,

Phantom Galleries (in the old City Tow Bldg.)
501 Arden Way

I'll get by again to at least see your work. Sounds like we won't meet
this year either (boohoo).

Hope you sell lots!