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teapot cleaning 2

updated thu 8 oct 09


Darlene Yarnetsky on wed 7 oct 09

At our local hospital and clinic they have gone so far as to remove all of
the pamphlets, magazines, kids books and toys so as not to spread any germs=
There are big notices everywhere explaining this is because of the swine
flu concern.
Also, I read recently in a doctor's column that hydrogen peroxide for
cleaning cuts was bad because it killed all of the good bacteria as well an=
it was better to use alcohol. News to me! And I have heard repeatedly tha=
our germ free soaps are overkill (the antibacterial lotions at hospitals ar=
useful in that setting) and are doing more harm than good. Simple soap and
water and washing the hands for a full 20 seconds is supposed to help more
than anything else. Teaching the kids to sing "happy birthday" or "twinkle
twinkle little star" while they wash is a good method.

My niece in Columbus, Ohio has an outbreak of the swine flu in their
classroom with 20% out each day for the last week and there is a constant
washing of hands and taking of temperatures. She is in a group teaching
situation and one teacher of the three is out as well. She said it spreads
very easily and quickly and this is why it is so hard to contain.