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tea pots 4 dummy

updated thu 8 oct 09


Logan Johnson on wed 7 oct 09

Hey There Gang !

Since I know nothing about YiXing tea pots I decided to check out what the =
shapes looked like & hopefully a little info about them on line last night.=
=3DA0 One site said the tea pots were fired to 2000 degrees.=3DA0 ( http://=
funa=3D )=3DA0 scroll down about 1/2 way to a box o=
n th=3D
e right side of the page & read what's said in the "Why YiXing"=3DA0 )=3DA0=
s sounded strange since most of the posts by the group he says the pots nee=
d to be porous Now personally I will believe what I read from the group bef=
ore I will believe anything I find on the web so I'm hoping someone can cle=
ar up this & a few other questions this tea pot dummy has.=3D20
Vince & Lee already answered one question about the inside of the pot,=3D20
*Should the inside be smooth or rough (not smoothed by ribs or finger burni=
LOVE the terra sig answer)
* How is 2000 -ish degrees=3DA0 the right temp. to fire to & how would the =
t to still be porous?

* Is it just the basic clay body difference that allows a 2000 degree firin=
g & the pot to still be porous ?

I fire in the ^6=3DA0 range=3D20

*Should I use a ^10 clay in a ^6 firing to get a porous teapot ?

One site I looked at said the cups should be very small (Hold 1 oz.) so sev=
eral people can get a sample of the multiple brewing's of the tea.=3DA0=3DA=
0 Ye=3D
s ?=3DA0 No ?? Personal preference???

I warned you this post was from a teapot dummy !
Oh ! before I forget could someone=3DA0 email me kick in the butt & tell me=
o throw the pot THICKER so it holds the heat better?
I've spent all my ceramic making life trying to throw thinner & I'm having =
a hard time wrapping my head around the fact I will need to make the pot th=
icker than I normally would.
I also found this site :

It has pics of artists making the pots.=3DA0 I thought somebody might like =
see them.

Have a good day all !
Thanks for the help !

Logan Johnson=3D20
Yakima Valley Pottery & Supply=3D20
719 w. Nob Hill blvd.=3D20
Yakima Wa. 98902=3D20
(509) 469-6966=3D20