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kiln shelf donations - thank you!

updated sun 4 oct 09


Snail Scott on sat 3 oct 09

A huge thank you to everyone who chipped it
to help my neighbor Nathalie whose last kiln
shelf broke. With the proceeds, I bought three
new shelves for her, plus an assortment of
posts and a 5# bag of dry-mixed kiln wash.
The rest was put onto a gift certificate in or
Krueger's Pottery Supply in St. Louis, who
added an extra $100!

Here is an open letter to all of you from her:

> My name is nathalie - an amateur/novice/beginner potter living in
> Edwardsville, IL. Recently, I received your donations/gifts/ and luck
> and I can't say how incredibly moved, inspired, and awestruck I am to
> have been considered in my little predicament. I, as Snail may have
> told you, had accidentally broken a kiln shelf (the only intact one
> that I had) after glazing a piece to it. It was okay- I knew sooner
> or later I was bound to break my pieces and the rest...part of the
> learning process, you know? Then Snail offered to keep an eye out on
> the Internet for a shelf and insodoing, found all of you. I can't
> express how astounded and startled I was to hear what and how everyone
> had responded to her initial posts. As if there are words for me to
> write to let you all know how much this has changed my world with
> ceramics. Until Snail and the strangers across the United States got
> together the help some random, poor potter in the midwest with getting
> her back on her feet - ceramics was definitely put to a halt since I
> couldn't get another shelf. So. I've taken out the dryer in the house
> and replaced it with the kiln and am ready to get back to producing -
> and I am longing to do it. Thank you so much for your contribution
> and thoughts and good intentions. I am truly amazed that this is what
> the community of potters and artists looks like. Just to know that
> there are those who would give to a stranger to help out. Thank you
> for the life lesson, at the very least.
> The kiln wash is being applied this weekend :) in three coats. Thank
> you for the supply - it is very very much needed :)
> The text is inspiring ideas and going right to the sketching pad. This
> is a wonderful text and I thank you, whoever you are.
> The good luck charm is hanging the the studio... and I feel that it
> will migrate to the kiln room as well :) This was much needed as well
> - and it is so good the receive :)
> All the best,
> nathalie woloszyn