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selling on etsy

updated sat 3 oct 09


Patti Petit on fri 2 oct 09

I have not had much success with Etsy although I have recently relisted.Run=
ningrabbitpottery. One tip is to list a new piece every day or every other=
day. That keeps you at the front of the lines. Use as many tags as you c=
an- that puts your listing in multiple categories.
I did belong to 2 street teams and they were nice folks - but - I need to b=
e in the studio working and I never have figured out how other people manag=
e to be constantly chattering and blogging. When do they work? The teams b=
ecame overwhelming and I had to step aside - a health crisis was looming an=
d I just had no time left.
That said - I recently opened a Vintage store Buygones, on etsy to try to m=
ove the many things the previous resident of my son's home left when she mo=
ved away. I had one immediate bite but nothing more.
Good luck to those on Etsy. I try to check your stores as you mention them =
on Clayart. We need every venue we can in the current economy especially i=
f you live as I do where we rely entirely on seasonal markets to make our l=
Patti in NE GA mountains