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sculpture in schools

updated sat 3 oct 09


Mike Gordon on fri 2 oct 09

This is from the NEA,( National Education Asc.)

Connecticut School Uses Works Of Art To Inspire Students.

The New York Times (10/2, A24, Hu) reports that Christopher Columbus
Family Academy in New Haven, CT "incorporates sculpture and other art
into nearly every corner of its year-old building with the hope that it
will inspire students in this working-class Hispanic neighborhood to
learn. It is one of a growing number of newly built or renovated public
schools across the country that look more like cultural centers than
the austere, utilitarian houses of learning of the past, displaying
museum-worthy pieces commissioned from artists alongside more
traditional finger paintings and statues of school mascots."

This reminded me of when I was teaching high school, I also taught
drawing as well as ceramics. We had a pod style campus, so I used to
take 2- 4'x8' panels of plywood and have my students paint famous
paintings on them, then attache them to a wall in one of the buildings
that acted as an awards/ ceremony area besides the gym, and have a
description of the painting style, date and a short bio of the artist
pined next to the painting. It brought some art to the attention of
student that might never find their way to the art bld. and gave my
students an opportunity to paint something big, and introduce some art
history to the school in general. The administration loved it. This was
done with the help of the custodial staff as well. You must always
respect the custodians!! Mike Gordon