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updated tue 29 sep 09


mel jacobson on mon 28 sep 09

i get nothing for this gang.
just a life long,
i am already at chapter 5, and it is very interesting.
it is a very serious look at creative thinking and doing.

here is the url:

nils lou, professor of art
"Play is the essence of creativity", and
"What is not brought forward into consciousness....
we later call Fate", Carl Jung

The Play Book, by Nils Lou,
ISBN 978-1-4269-1067-8, 120 pages, $20

This a manual for connecting to the creative=3D20
impulse by learning to play again.
By re-learning to play an authentic connection is=3D20
made and the mystery of creativity is exposed.

While play can be fun, it is serious business,=3D20
and isn=3D92t just for children. Play requires the=3D20
same mindset for an adult as it did when you were=3D20
a child. It is a state of opportunity with=3D20
infinite possibilities. Real play has no rules. It allows all possibilities=

The play imperative is about jumpstarting our=3D20
consciousness=3DADby breaking the habit of ordinary,=3D20
repetitive routines and introducing play as an=3D20
essential nutrient for creative living. It is not=3D20
goofing off. Play has the potential to shift our=3D20
gears and engage the creative engine of life=3DADto=3D20
surprise us with unexpected answers to daily problems.
By learning how to play again and making=3D20
playfulness a part of our conscious experience,=3D20
life can change dramatically and creatively. Play=3D20
is a fundamental state of being, crucial to=3D20
creative awareness. Play power is a modulus for=3D20
creativity, a gift that can be nurtured as a=3D20
wonderful tool for opening the world of imagination.

The Play Book exposes common misconceptions about=3D20
creativity=3DADcan we get it? Is it only for certain=3D20
people? And, how can we let go of conventional,=3D20
imitative ideas, and connect with fields of=3D20
possibilities, where expectations are merely a=3D20
point of departure? The play imperative is the=3D20
latent child inhabiting our desire to make=3D20
things. It=3D92s about conjuring the unexpected=3DADin=3D20
business, in art, in the kitchen, or in life. Play is the prime lubricant.
This is for players. You were once a player, but=3D20
now as an adult, play-time is perhaps only a=3D20
memory. Play is a powerful tool for experiencing=3D20
creative consciousness. It is a tool that can be=3D20
accessed by anyone desiring an authentic=3D20
experience=3DADan opportunity to be connected to the=3D20
energies that give us vitality, imagination, passion.
The Play Book is set up to help by=3D20
starting with some simple exercises designed to=3D20
tune your body and mind to the idea of play. What=3D20
exactly do you expect to happen? It=3D92s not going=3D20
to be an ordinary experience, so expect that it will be different.

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