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jingdezhen international ceramics festival and exhibition and eart=

updated tue 29 sep 09


J Motzkin on mon 28 sep 09


Clayart friends,
I am leavingthis week for Jingdezhen via Shanghai for a few weeks.
I am so pleased to be returning so soon, to see old friends, speak Chinese
(more, more!!), do work and participate in the Festival.
The discussion about earthenware is of interest to me. I work low fire,
saggar/pit. In Jingdezhen there is not such a thing, only 1300 degrees
centigrade. I made some pieces of this finest of porcelains while I was
there. My response to my work out of the kiln surprised me. It made me thin=
hard about soft work, about the ecology of relative permanence. I have
worked in stoneware and porcelain in my clay life and still do from time to
time when I want to make something for specific use, or of specific hardnes=
or color. However, I am a player of kilns and flames and love the soft,
smoky, flame painted surfaces on smoothed pure clay.
When I showed my work and discussed the sources and influences with Chinese
ceramists and students there was much interest in native American, Mexican,
Attic ceramic histories.
It is all good.
We all look at the same moon...look up and say hi this month, I will do the
Judy Motzkin

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