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updated mon 28 sep 09


tony clennell on sun 27 sep 09

Snail was asking for a registry of favourite e-ware artists. Canada
and in particular the east coast of Canada has a very strong e-ware
tradition because of the 4 decade career of Walter Ostrom at The Nova
Scotia College of Arts and Design (NSCAD). I can think of a dozen very
fine ceramists from that program producing great work. Here is Jim
Smith who has a studio in a
lovely little town on the Atlantic coast. How much better in design,
decoration and qlaze quality can pots be than these?

Chris Campbell on sun 27 sep 09

Thank you for that link ... WOW!

If he is producing this kind of fabulous
work so early in his career you can only
imagine what lies ahead.

Here is a link for Walter Ostrom for anyone
who has not had the pleasure ...

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