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cone 6-8 glaze recipes - decal compatible?

updated sun 27 sep 09


lyla kaplan on sat 26 sep 09

For some time now=3D2C I have been experimenting with cone 6-8 glazes=3D2C
soda firing=3D2C and decals/refiring=3D2C both laser (cone 04) and commerci=
al (=3D
cone 017). The one glaze I LOVE in soda=3D2Cthe A glaze has worked twice with dec=
laser refiring=3D2C =3D2C but this last time the glaze itself came out bad=
ly i=3D
n the refiring (sort of bubbling) and i don't know why.=3D20

Hoping someone out there in clayart world has had success with some cone 6=
=3D2C7 or 8 glazes and laser or commercial decals and wouldn't mind sharing=
heir recipes. I will test in in soda=3D2C but a potter friend of mine thi=
s I need to abandon the soda with decals because he says because the soda m=
ay be fluxing early and be the crux of my problem. =3D20

Happy Potting=3D2C

Lyla in Downingtown=3D2C PA


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