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please don't get me wrong/masonstains

updated thu 24 sep 09


Melinda Collins on wed 23 sep 09

I will continue to use Mason stains, I am not incriminating them. I do
believe that maybe one of their chemical sources could be at issue. Hey, w=
live in a global economy with sources all over the world. Maybe they shoul=
do a re-check...I'll write and ask them.
I am ok now, whatever was causing the arsenic problem is not causing it
anymore. Whether Mason stains, native volcanic basalt from Guatemala in
minute amounts in my porcelain, or an unknown cause, I'll do more research
and get back to you on it. I just need to be more careful, as we all
should, when we experiment and try new things. With latex gloves so easy
to obtain and use, why not mix colored clays using them? And other oxides,
raw chemicals, and new stuff we dig up and melt as well.......

If I didn't have neurological problems to begin with, I never would have ha=
a heavy metals test. And my real neurological health challenges have
absolutely nothing to do with any ceramic materials. I have an inherited
problem. I have had a first-class case of essential tremor all my life
since I was a child. was tested for heavy metals, as well as other tests,
because of a sudden increase in the severity of my tremor. The tests are
expensive, and I'm sure most of us have never been tested. I am now taking
a med that knocks my tremor back to where it was about 10 years ago, and I
am thrilled about that.

I was taught to mix colored clays this way, but maybe we shouldn't. I am
convinced I caused my own arsenic/contamination problem due to careless
handling of something.

Don't breathe kiln fumes in a closed room, don't absorb undiluted raw
materials through your skin, and be careful when you sand pieces with it. =
do believe my contamination was ceramic/related....but I may never know...I
love Mason stains and will continue to use them a lot, just with more
care.......I'll contact the company....they should know that it's a
possibility, then they may do a re-check, as I said above....Otherwise, roc=

Small Work-No Apologies
Melinda Collins, Kerrville Texas

John Britt on wed 23 sep 09


You should try wet mixing the colored clays. It is so easy and clean and =
dry them on plaster,

John Britt