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fw: arsenic/masonstains

updated fri 25 sep 09


Edouard Bastarache on tue 22 sep 09

Have you asked the naker of the stains if their stuffs may contain arsenic=
To me, it would be the first thing to to before incriminating Mason.


Edouard Bastarache


Chris Campbell on wed 23 sep 09

> Have you asked the maker of the stains
> if their stuffs may contain arsenic?
> To me, it would be the first thing to to before
> incriminating Mason.

I agree 100% with

No one should level such a huge and damaging
charge against a manufacturer without giving
them a chance to provide data.

I have written to the Mason Stain Company
asking them to comment and will post their reply.

In the meantime lets not jump on the band wagon
but wait until we get some real info ... not just
what someone 'thinks'.

I have always found the Mason company to be open
and very helpful.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina

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John Britt on wed 23 sep 09


Just so we are clear, I did not jump on the band wagon. I simply stated t=
the admission of knowing that stains are dangerous and then not using glo=
to mix colored clays is not good.

I don't know what materials that Mason uses but it is the same with all=3D2=

chemicals, you should use precautions.

Just like if you know silica is dangerous and still mix glazes or clays w=
ithout a=3D20
mask ...that is not good.=3D20=3D20

We all have the luxury of knowledge of materials but the problem becomes =
thinking that it doesn't apply to me.

John Britt

Russel Fouts on thu 24 sep 09


For your buttons and such, the ammounts of each color body you're
making must be quite small. You could add all your dry ingredients to
a baggie, add the the amount of water you need and then 'mush'
(technical term) it around until it became plastic.

That way you would be safe and wouldn't have to wear gloves.

Stay safe, you didn't give up smoking to get arsenic poisoning. ;-)


Russel Fouts
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