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art: process and product

updated sat 19 sep 09


Rebecca Catterall on fri 18 sep 09

I have only been on Clayart for about a year, but feel discussions about=3D=

ceramics and its position in the art world is one of the more serious end=
the group can take on. And should take on. More galleries need to inclu=
good ceramic art along with good paintings - and this group can forge a p=
bravo for the recent discussions.
But I also wanted to include the process of making art -- creativity. It=
because of my creative mind I can feel like an artist. Play is part of i=
t, going=3D20
down paths that might lead to dead-ends or new beginnings. The freedom t=
explore. I turn off my inner critic and just work. Intersting things ca=
n bubble=3D20
up. Some things I don't expect to sell - but surpried when they do. The=
n I=3D20
like to take stock in what I have done and figure out the next step. I th=
ink it=3D20
is the process of making art with clay that hooks me, not the finished pi=
But I love it when a finished piece sings.

Rebecca Catterall