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you tube video pirate

updated mon 13 jul 09


Jim Willett on sun 12 jul 09

For those of you who have posted original material to You Tube, something=
you might=3D20
want to be aware of.=3D20
Today I did a check of my You Tube videos and when I used the link from m=
y home page,=3D20
the first video to show up featured Cindy Clarke but showed it was posted=
four weeks ago=3D20
by a chap in Australia. Upon closer investigation I found two of my recen=
t videos were now=3D20
credited to some one else. I checked his "Channel" and discovered he has =
lifted material=3D20
from several people. In fact his profile picture appears to be Graham She=
ehan from his kiln=3D20
building video!=3D20
You Tube does have a copyright infringement form in place for reporting t=
his type of thing=3D20
and I have used it. We'll see how they respond.
What bothers me most about this is we have lost 250 views to this gentlem=
an and there=3D20
were 7 responses from viewers which we were not aware of. We always try t=
o reply to=3D20
respondents and obviously could not in this case.
This is not the first time we have had issues electronically...we once ha=
d our entire=3D20
website copied and used by some one in Lithuania for money laundering...I=
had to get=3D20
them shut down by using the dmca procedures.=3D20
Just some words of caution....always be vigilant.

Jim Willett
Out of the Fire Studio