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updated sun 5 jul 09


Bill Merrill on sat 4 jul 09

Hi Sean, Your regular email came back to me as undeliverable, so I'm =3D
posting on clayart so you get my message.
The splash pan\ sounds like it is not screwed down straight. Usually =3D
there is a T headed handle to hold the bucket head down. On the later =3D
Randalls the splash pan was held in place by pushing down on the =3D
splash pan, which is held in place by some plastic/rubber pieces. The =3D
grinding sound is the splash pan being pushed and tilted a little so the =
splash pan rubs against the main shaft that holds the wheel head.
The bucket head sits on a tapered shaft, If you sit on the seat, hold =3D
the flywheel with your feet to keep it from moving, then grab the wheel =3D
head and pull and twist the head upwardly. It could be frozen on , to =3D
fix that take a heat torch, rotate the whell so the heat is evenly =3D
displaced on the head. The alumunium head will expand slightly. It just =3D
needs to be heated slightly to expand the metal. Using a pair of =3D
gloves twist and pull and the head will come off. Don't clean the wheel =
head or steel shaft with water. If none of this doesn't work go to a =3D
regular autoshop or machine shop and they will have a puller that will =3D
remove the wheel head .Don't put WD 40 on the wheel head or shaft. =3D
Keep them clean.