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tony ferguson photographing your pottery workshop

updated wed 27 may 09


Dale Neese on tue 26 may 09

There has been a tremendous amount of interest in bringing Minnesota native
Tony Ferguson back to give another
photography workshop at my studio deep in the heart of Texas, San Antonio,
September 5th and 6th, 2009. I've been talking to Tony over the past few
weeks and he has thrown out an invitation to everyone to let him know what
you would like to learn if you attend his workshop. The first day offerings
from his workshop will include, still life set-up for your pottery, cameras=
equipment, backgrounds, etc.

The second day session might include something like this.

Editing Your Digital Images for Exhibitions, Web, Print, Books, and Grant

1.. Scanning Basics-over view of scanners, all in one scanners/printers,
stand alone scanners, scanning slides and photos, resolutions, cleanup, fil=

2.. Transferring your images from your scanner, camera into the computer:
using the cable with your camera, using your flash card reader, copying and
backing up files

3.. First Things First: Image Adjustments:

1.. Removing jaggies, cloning, clone stamp tool, adjusting
brightness/contrast, saving in native format, resizing for various needs,
optimizing, saving in jpeg, compressing, emailing.

2.. Resizing an entire folder of images for the web, for print.

4.. Advanced Image Adjustments

1.. Global Color Adjustment

2.. Unsharp mask

3.. Sharpen

4.. Blur

5.. Selecting Pixels

6.. Cloning/Removing Backgrounds, Feathering, Expand, Contract

7.. More Color: Hue Saturation, Auto Levels, Auto Color, Replacing Colo=

8.. Adjusting Tonal Quality

9.. Desaturate, Black & White, Grey Tones

10.. Burning & Dodging for emphasis

11.. Filter Effects

12.. Stitching together a Panorama

5.. How to Prepare your images for:

1.. Zapplication - resizing, adding black areas, uploading

2.. JAS

3.. Book Publications

4.. Slide Services for Digital into Slides

5.. How to Use Templates from Print houses such as Vista Print, White
House, etc.

Chocked full of valuable " how to information" that will definitely help yo=
as it has helped me with my own photography.
Please email me if you want to leave some questions on photography for Tony
or if you have questions on the workshop in general.

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
Helotes, Texas USA