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tom wirt- sitting in la-la

updated mon 17 aug 09


tony clennell on sun 16 aug 09

Tom; Thanx for your comment on my blog. I thought Clayart is still the
best place to continue dialog on clay thoughts as it fuels others
I'm glad the new work is slowly growing on you. After the past 3 years
of travel and study you can well imagine that I am in la-la. People
asked when I came home from Japan- how has Japan affected your work,
then China, then Italy, then grad school. The truth is all these
places and people have had a profound effect and it is taking it's
time to surface. What I really owe to USU is this new love of a
textured surface and it is taking time for me to adopt it to the
rather thin walls of thrown pots. So I am trying to incorporate
throwing and hand built sprigs and additions. I no longer have the
maverick shino glaze to wow people over. Mind you we fired yesterday
and it is 80% shino with slips. This is still our bread and butter
Like any new work that I have started it takes a few years probably 6
or 7 for me to really nail it. It then becomes a successful line and i
drop it. I think it is fear of success.
Gotta go finish studio clean up. Man the place was a pig pen.
All the best to u and Betsy.