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selling pots and hard drive crash

updated thu 25 jun 09


mel jacobson on wed 24 jun 09

i totally concur with kathi. it all depends.
full time, rural, urban, part time.

i live in an area where my 50 miles includes about 2 million people.
i work local buyers..there are about 50,000 in my close neighborhood.
but, anyone can work local. it pays.

the first place to sell pots is home. work it, try it.
then launch a wider net.

also, memorize what chris campbell has to say. she is our resident
expert. listen and learn.

and get your data base started. every name, of everyone you know.
then add all the time.
never put that off. i have the name of everyone that has ever purchased
a pot from me.

i have purchased carbonite. i have almost 16 gigs on their site.
lots of clayart stuff too. many things that would be a disaster to lose.
almost 600 pix.
so, it is cheap for me...50 bucks a year.
be aware, they only will store items on your `my docs` area.
they do not copy software. that is why i never bootleg software.
it sits in a box, ready to be re/installed.

qwest now will store 2 gigs free.

and there are many companies out there that are now doing
off computer storage. and, of course, having a couple of inexpensive
plug in hard drives is really inexpensive and easy to do.

because of clayart...virus attacks etc...i have three hard drives, three
2 gig data sticks. each with books and special things on them.
i saw a four gig stick for 9 bucks the other day...just did not need one.

it has become almost a must to back up. if you don't, don't wear
eye make will run as you cry.
i never wear eye makeup.
from: minnetonka, mn
clayart link:
new book: