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sculpture advice - thanks everyone for the input; i survived the w=

updated sun 23 aug 09


Carl Ross on fri 21 aug 09


after signing a well structured hold harmless agreement=3D2C I was introduc=
to the widowmaker as David likes to refer to it. an=3D2C old but sturdy wa=
er pug mill that took about 400 pounds of marginal clay=3D2C almost too har=
d =3D
to pug and reworked it perfect consistency. Some blocks I had to slice of=
into thin slices and break up before adding the water=3D2C that I sent t=
ough about about four times=3D2C purging the chamber 3 times as best I cou=
d =3D
since I had three different flavors.=3D20
It was a lot of work and I hosed myself down frequently as the day burnt on=
=3D2C and aside from a little sunbur and a little heat exhaustion=3D2C the =
wmaker spared me this time=3D2C but make no mistake=3D2C it showed it's bit=
a c=3D
ouple times when scraping down the sides and a few places it has a deadly b=
ite=3D2C I was using a peice of firewood and a wide putty knfe to keep the =
ay mixing and they both suffered injuries that spared my hands.=3D20
It's done now and can get back to throwing and experimenting with the raku=
body for the sculpture. To not ruin my wrists trying to wedge it out by h=
and=3D2C even if I were to slake it all down=3D2C is worth a lot. and to be=
sted in this age of "sue me - sue you" is very encouraging. Even though I s=
igned a disclaimer I feel it was above and beyond what a friend could be ex=
pected to afford another.=3D20
Just want to extend a thanks to all who offered their advice and I havent h=
ad time to reply to=3D2C I'm pretty beat and will likely lay low for the mo=
part until classes start tuesday.=3D20

P.S. steph - I'm actually more toward page springs=3D2C by the fish hatcher=
y =3D
and the bar

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