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recipes needed: cone 6 fuzz matte yellow

updated fri 31 jul 09


nori on thu 30 jul 09

hi, everyone.

when i was at RIT, there was a glaze called "fuzz matte yellow".

it was cone 6.

it's a soft, buttery yellow, slightly fat, semi matte.

it also occaisonally blushes,.so i assume it had some tin in it.

i asked RIT for the recipe & received it. but it's not the same
recipe... it's a different yellow. looks different, feels different,
and no tin.

i was heartened when i saw the "warm butter yellow" recipe posted to
clayart... could this be it? but before i could test it, read ron's
post that it must be a cone 10 and won't melt at 6.

so - if anyone has a cone 6 glaze recipe for a lovely satin yellow with
tin, i would trul appreciate a copy.

thanks in advance.



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