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pulling the handle off the cup

updated sun 5 jul 09


gary navarre on fri 3 jul 09

Hay Crew,

So we got threw trimming all those cup blanks and it becomes time for atta=
ching handles because that's what we do in a civilized coffee drinking soci=
ety. The main way is to pull strips of clay from a lump and after they set =
up a bit attach them to the cup. Another way is to attach the lump of clay =
to the cup rim and then pull the strip of clay, attaching the end to the bo=
ttom of the piece...

... after doing the first one I misplaced the piece of comb I use to scratc=
h the cup rim and had to revert to how Simon Leach suggests and used my fin=
gernail. I found my scratch tool later.

After the cups got handles I cover and store for about 12 hours so the moi=
sture can balance out between the handle and the cup body...

After setting for a while I'll go back for a final finishing by filling in=
clay to the handle transition so it makes a smooth line and some cups will=
get an incised cat tail and Lilly pad decoration. Every time before I do t=
hese I think, "Wow, what a bunch of work...!" but when they come out of the=
firing I'll change my mind, I hope, so stay tuned and stay in there eh!

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA