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ot - ups corporate vs my delivery man

updated sun 21 jun 09


Shula on sat 20 jun 09

OK, so a couple of days ago I wrote about the crazy (from my perspective) c=
hange in the UPS policy. Now I am writing in praise of my UPS driver.

I ordered an iPhone that was supposed to be delivered yesterday. I had to b=
e at a conference in the morning and raced home from LA to be home in time =
for the usual mid-afternoon delivery or so I thought. What I didn't know wa=
s that Apple had sent the phone via the service that requires delivery befo=
re 10 am. I drove up to my house only to see the UPS tag on my front door. =
To put it mildly, I was disappointed.

Surprise replaced the disappointment when my doorbell rang in the mid-after=
noon. It was my UPS delivery man. He said that he thought I would like my p=
hone yesterday. He had to attempt a delivery yesterday morning, as required=
by Apple, but thought he would stop by during his regular rounds to see wh=
ether I had come home. Bless that guy! I was very happy and appreciated his=
thoughtfulness and let him know that.

Just thought I should praise where praise is due. I'm not usually happy wit=
h UPS, but this time my delivery man came through.

in Desert Hot Springs, California USA
now more easily able to send text messages to my grandchildren, oh and othe=
r family members and friends (hi Gayle!) as well.