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moving large sculpture

updated wed 19 aug 09


Mike Gordon on tue 18 aug 09

> I'm also curious If I should build it right on a kiln shelf to
> minimize the risk of breaking it and re erect the kiln section by
> section I guess it's safe to say I'm nervous about moving it green,
I have a method that might work for you as it has for me for many
years. Build the sculpture in a piece of heavy cardboard. Build it
anywhere thats comfortable for you. When it comes time to load it in
the kiln build a platform that is the same height as the floor of the
kiln and sprinkle ground up soft brick on the kiln floor, then just
slide cardboard and sculpture together into the kiln and put the rings
back on, if this was an electric kiln, sorry, I've lost track of the
original msg. Mike Gordon