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meaning of selling. . .

updated tue 30 jun 09


Mary Starosta on sun 28 jun 09

Oxford Dictionary:
selling 2 *Definition:* the
of goods6>
for an
of money2>

*That is why I am standing in a tent on a windy day selling pottery.

*Professional Selling is:*

"The holistic business system required to effectively develop, manage,
enable, and execute a mutually beneficial, interpersonal exchange of goods
and/or services for equitable value."

If I can change the subject from cost to "what caught your eye" SOLD! I
would think me pretty SMART if I could sell to that guy in the booth with
my original price! Oh the challenge of it all...there's no such thing as a
BAD CUSTOMER who BUYS! Especially if all he wants is a BASS O MATIC...SOLD
one Pitcher instead!

I know my product is good, He doesn't know that, so I have to SELL HIM!
Duh! You can send that guy to my booth anyday!
Mary Starosta
Colorado Potter