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matte grey cone 6 recipe

updated wed 12 aug 09


Kanika Sircar on tue 11 aug 09

That is a beautiful matte grey. If you or anyone else on this list has =
cone 6 (electric) recipe for a matte grey, please pass it on.

From: "James Freeman"
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 2:02 PM
Subject: Re: MATT GREY ^10 GLAZE

> Amy...
> Here is a trouble free, dirt cheap, cone 10 matte grey glaze that I
> have used extensively (when I used to fire to that temperature). It
> occasionally (very rarely) goes brownish where too thin, especially
> over iron-bearing clays. It may be worth a try:
> Adrian's Shepard Road Ash
> Hardwood Ash (unwashed) 40
> Custer Feldspar 40
> OM4 Ball Clay 20
> That's it, no colorants, no nothing. Don't let the word "ash" in the
> title fool you; this is not a typical rivulet-forming ash glaze. It
> is a lovely warm dove grey eggshell matte glaze that never moves. It
> also does well underneath more active glazes, and can be used as a
> trap glaze at the bottom of pots, even in salt.
> I have added three photos of the glaze to my flickr page. The first
> is a very old and very ugly planter that shows Shepard Road Ash by
> itself. The second shows it as the basis for a more sophisticated
> treatment, and the third shows it in use as a trap glaze at the bottom
> of a salt glazed pot. The flower pot is white stoneware, while the
> other two pots are porcelainous stoneware.
> Good luck with your project.
> ...James
> James Freeman
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