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mastering cone 6 glazes second test firing results and g-200hp rev=

updated tue 1 sep 09


Miri Hardy on mon 31 aug 09


Dear All:
My second test firing is now under my belt. So much easier than the firs=
t but still very=3D20
much an experiment.=3D20=3D20

Thanks to the list, after my first glaze firing I discovered to my great =
dismay that the=3D20
composition of G-200 had changed. As I had mixed up the glazes for my fi=
rst test firing=3D20
using G200-HP (in both glazes based on Glossy Base Glaze 1 and Glossy Bas=
e Glaze 2) and=3D20
was now about to mix up larger batches of glaze, my dilemma was whether a=
nd how to=3D20
adjust my glazes. My fairly inexperienced assessment of the glazes on Gl=
suggested that there was little difference between using g-200 and g-200H=
P in JH and=3D20
RR's stable glazes. Indeed, the differences between the unity formulas w=
ere very small,=3D20
and all values were within the limits.=3D20=3D20

The advice I received from Ron Roy was to test again without changing the=
recipes. Of=3D20
course, I was happy to do just that! As I have no prior experience with =
these glazes, I=3D20
have no idea if there are indeed any differences but I am quite pleased w=
ith my results.=3D20=3D20

Additional information about my firing and lots of photos can be seen on =
our blog at:

Thanks again to the list for being an endless source of information and a=
special thanks to=3D20
Ron Roy for his advice and support.

All the best,
Miri in Puerto Rico