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making sculptures in pieces

updated sun 30 aug 09


Deborah Thuman on sat 29 aug 09

I've started on the second story of my two piece sculpture. This has
been interesting so far. I've done a lot of thinking about
installation and made some changes to make installation easier. My
sculptures get planted in the ground. So.... design features at the
very bottom of the piece aren't a great idea. I now have to figure out
what I want to do where the two pieces join. Try to make the join
invisible? Exploit the join? Decisions, decisions.

While I was having my massage this week, a wild idea for a great
sculpture floated into my head. I'm making small versions of the
permeable mind pieces. I'd like to figure out how to get the thing to
be about three feet tall or so. This could take a few semesters.

Deb Thuman