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jingdezhen international show

updated tue 7 jul 09


Mike Gordon on mon 6 jul 09

I recently contacted Ric Swenson about the concerns somebody expressed=3D20=

about the permanent collection relating to work not returned to the=3D20
sender from this show, and the use of PayPal. Here is his=3D20
response.......... Mike,( Mike Gordon)
I haven't been to see it yet, but I understand it is near the West Bus=3D=

station in JDZ. I will make it a point to visit and take some photos.=3DA0=

I will ask about paypal acceptance.

"...then fiery expedition be my wing, ..."

-Wm. Shakespeare, RICHARD III, Act IV Scene III=3DA0

Richard H. ("Ric") Swenson, Teacher,
Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of Jingdezhen Ceramic=3D20=

TaoYang Road, Eastern Suburb, Jingdezhen City.
JiangXi Province, P.R. of China.
Postal code 333001.

Mobile/cellular phone : 86 13767818872