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jingdezhen contemporary international ceramics exhibition

updated sun 5 jul 09


Chris Campbell on sat 4 jul 09

Rimas VisGirda asked me to forward
this message to the list.

Last year I sent a piece to Jingdezhen.
I understand that they will accept anything
and everything... I'm not sure how good that is,
but I did anyway.

And rather than going through the expense of
having it shipped back I donated it to their collection.
Not sure how it is maintained or where located/stored -
it must have hundreds if not thousands of work.

I was supposed to get a catalog of the exhibition.

When the time came, I was informed to arrange a bank
transfer for $25 for shipping cost of the catalog.
That was OK, but my bank charges $70 for an international
I suggested that the organization look into accepting
Paypal for payment -no reply to date.

I'm not complaining just want folks to know what they're getting into...

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