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harvest festival, pacific fine arts, sres productions?

updated mon 17 aug 09


Shaw Pottery on sun 16 aug 09

If you have experience, good or bad, with one of these companies, we
would love to hear about it:

Since I have been beating my fingers and brains on the internet,
looking for any and all upcoming art shows in the Northern California
area, it would be wonderful to pick your brains, if possible! By the
time I see them listed, the application deadline is often long past,
it seems. Or the fees are way beyond our budget.

We are both on Social Security, both disabled, a Mom & Pop pottery,
trying to make a living. We hear good things from our customers, and
the producers of shows we attend love the pottery. But with health
and budget considered, we need to be careful what we spend and where
we spend it. I know everyone is tight on money these days, but we
are.... well, how do you say it? Month to month? Week to week?

We will be happy to take any advice into consideration, and would
love to know your experience with these producers.

And any shows you may know about in our area... send them along!

Thank you one and all!
Joe and Rita Shaw

707-987-9995 Home and Pottery
805-354-4499 Cell Phone