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food safe "china painting" effects on stoneware

updated sun 28 jun 09


Elizabeth Priddy on sat 27 jun 09
All of the work in this gallery is cone 7 stoneware and foodsafe except for=
one raku piece.
These are details of pieces I have painted over the last 12 years or so.My =
painting method uses only health label safe materials but I get china paint=
ing effects from the brush work. =3DA0It is 100% lead free and dishwasher a=
microwave safe.
The method I use is not using enamels and I paint directly into unfired gla=
ze. =3DA0It took me several years to get the materials right but they are f=
d and working/handling safe. =3DA0It is only fired once for bisque and then=
nce for glaze, so a regular stoneware cycle.
I am posting other galleries of complete pieces in the next few days. =3DA0
This technique is what I am teaching in the one day brushpainting workshop =
on July 11 and every other month here in Beaufort. =3DA0Students practice i=
n =3D
between, get more help to adjust their technique with the brush and then pr=
actice some more. =3DA0Just like brushpainting practice on rice paper, only=
ots. =3DA0I teach 5 strokes and 4 loads and have made a DVD for home use.
I would love to see more people using food safe decoration on stoneware wit=
h the china painting feel. =3DA0It is an excellent fusion of asian aestheti=
c =3D
and brush methods with American practicality and materials.
And no cadmium or lead in your studio or your pots!

Elizabeth Priddy

Beaufort, NC - USA

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--- On Sat, 6/27/09, marci and rex wrote:

From: marci and rex
Subject: Re: china painting and japanese overglaze enamel?
Date: Saturday, June 27, 2009, 3:07 PM

At 09:31 AM 6/27/2009, liz gowen wrote:
>I guess this is part of what bothers me. Commercial dinnerware seems to us=
>decals etc which I am also guessing is china paint and uses it on food war=
>What are they doing differently.

I personally havent=3DA0 been able to=3DA0 find much information on that ..=
I dont know if=3DA0 it=3DA0 has=3DA0 to=3DA0 do=3DA0 with=3DA0 the
industry's=3DA0 ability=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0to=3DA0 tightly=3DA0 control=3DA0 the=
ir=3DA0 firing=3D
=3DA0 process .
Some of it=3DA0 is=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0that=3DA0 decorating=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0pieces=
=3DA0 for=3DA0 dinner=3D
ware=3DA0 usually
means that=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0the design is=3DA0 contained to the outside=3DA0 r=
im of
a=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0plate.. or=3DA0 the outside=3DA0 edge=3DA0 of a bowl=3DA0 o=
r,=3DA0 on=3DA0 a=3D
=3DA0 mug
or=3DA0 cup,=3DA0 below the=3DA0 line where your lip=3DA0 would=3DA0 touch =
... and=3DA0=3D
paint=3DA0 on the=3DA0 inside of=3DA0 those=3DA0 containers...and=3DA0 not =
g=3DA0 the=3DA0 paint.
=3DA0 =3DA0 It=3DA0 was common=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0for=3DA0 chinapainters (=3DA0 =
Im=3DA0 talking
US=3DA0 hobby=3DA0 chinapainters) to=3DA0 fire only=3DA0 to=3DA0 018-ish=3D=
A0 which ,
on=3DA0 most=3DA0 harder commercial=3DA0 porcelain=3DA0 is=3DA0 underfired.=
the=3DA0 last=3DA0 10-15 years, its=3DA0 become more the=3DA0 norm to=3DA0 =
fire hotte=3D
(=3DA0 015 range=3DA0 with some=3DA0 going=3DA0 even up=3DA0 to 011 )
=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0I know=3DA0 Paul did=3DA0 some=3DA0 testing=3DA0 for his
book=3DA0 but=3DA0 without=3DA0 pulling=3DA0 the book out,=3DA0 my=3DA0 mem=
ory=3DA0 seems
to=3DA0 recollect=3DA0 that=3DA0 he=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0deliberately used=3DA0 a =
massive=3DA0 amo=3D
of=3DA0 paint for the=3DA0 test=3DA0 piece... and
I=3DA0 always=3DA0 wondered=3DA0 what=3DA0 the=3DA0 results=3DA0 would be=
=3DA0 on a prope=3D
fired=3DA0 piece=3DA0 with a=3DA0 normal=3DA0 amount of paint on it..=3DA0 =
Guess I
need=3DA0 to=3DA0 stop=3DA0=3DA0=3DA0wondering=3DA0 and=3DA0 send=3DA0 some=
thing out=3DA0 to
be=3DA0 tested...=3DA0 Will do that ...