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first glaze firing: mastering cone 6 glazes and a big thank-you to=

updated tue 7 jul 09


Miri Hardy on mon 6 jul 09

the list!

Dear All:
Last week I completed my first Cone 6 glaze testing. First, I'd like to =
send out my very sincere thanks to=3D20
everyone who contributes to this list. As someone who is new to "full ti=
me potting" (though I've been=3D20
dabbling in clay since 1992), the advice and information I've found in th=
e archives has been priceless.

Obviously, in addition to spending hours searching the archives, actually=
being able to ask direct questions of=3D20
list members is invaluable. Again, I thank list members who helped me in=
terpret my first (slightly overfired)=3D20
bisque firing results. Thanks to your feedback, I'm happy to report that=
my second bisque firing was a solid=3D20
cone 04. More importantly, I felt so much more in control and had a bett=
er understanding of what I was=3D20
looking for in interpreting cone activity. This new found knowledge (as =
well as some old posts in the archives=3D20
regarding how to go about firing to the MC6G schedule for the first time =
in a new kiln: Thanks John H!) really=3D20
helped me through my first glaze firing.=3D20=3D20=3D20=3D20

But back to the glaze testing. I following MC6G firing guidelines to tes=
t a number of MC6Gs and some=3D20
variations thereof on two clay bodies: Axner's version of B-Mix, Maccabb=
ee (Mix 5) and Standard's new white=3D20
clay body, Standard 240. I mixed up the following glazes:

Raw Sienna (1000 grams)
Waterfall brown (200 grams)
Bright Sky Blue (500 grams)
Variegated Blue (500 grams)
Licorice Black (500 grams)
Glossy Base Glaze 2 (100 grams)
Glossy Base Glaze 2 + 1% copper carbonate (200 grams)
Glossy Base Glaze 2 + 3% copper carbonate (200 grams)
Glossy Base Glaze 2 + 6% RIO + 4% Rutile (200 grams)
High Calcium Semimatte Base 2 + 1% copper carbonate (200 grams)
High Calcium Semimatte Base 2 + 0.5% copper carbonate, +0.5% cobalt carbo=
nate (200 grams)

All in all I was very pleased with my first efforts and invite those of y=
ou who are interested to visit my blog,=3D20
where there is A LOT of detailed information about the testing as well as=
many images of the results.

Thanks again and all the best,

Miri in Puerto Rico