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firing speed, cooling, kiln space

updated fri 11 sep 09


KATHI LESUEUR on thu 10 sep 09

On Sep 9, 2009, at 6:18 PM, David Hendley wrote:

> After almost 20 years of firing my 'fastfire'-style wood kiln
> I am still learning. There are so many variables that can
> cause subtle differences. I am now getting great results, and
> pretty consistently.
> My newest revelation is that the kiln already knows how long
> it wants to take to reach temperature. No matter if I try to
> really goose it and do a quick firing or take it nice and easy,
> the final firing time is about the same. I honestly think I could
> fire by the clock and not even put a cone in the kiln, and
> come out OK.>>

I've found the same with my kiln. Warm it up over night or not it
takes the same amount of time. Increase gas and air, it just takes
the same. Decrease gas and air, same result. One exception. Summer 11
1/2 - 12 hours. Winter 10 1/2 hours. Why? Who knows. It just is.