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clay rising -- of odd tools and texturing clay

updated wed 12 aug 09


Eleanora Eden on tue 11 aug 09

Learned to make "shrubbery" that way back in college.
But I always just used an old strainer. My daughter really
loved that method when she was making little kid pots.


>a long time ago i squeezed clay thru a garlic press, then applied these li=
ttle stringy things to the side of the cylinder, then stretched the thing i=
nto shape. the little long coils SPRUNG out when the cylinder spun and i s=
haped the pot. it was a bitch handling the thing with all these little cla=
y needles now sticking out. i never went back to explore that concept furt=
her, but it offered many ideas for porcupine pots.

Bellows Falls Vermont