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bonnie s are you kiddin me?

updated wed 12 aug 09


Mary Starosta on tue 11 aug 09

OMG ( stands for Oh My God) are u Kidding me? Your suggestions and comment=
are SOOOOOOO valued here on Clayart as well as Pottery basics,etc. You hav=
the VERY best stories when someone is struggling with something that you ca=
pull from in your many years of potting. The picture of you HUGGING your
Huge and I mean absolutely BIG Vase is priceless.

I forget if it was in the book pitchers or vases, maybe both, but your pots
were there and stunning! I can go on about what I know about you as a
Potter or Artist. So you don't have the answer on something like cone 6
Oxidation firing so what? You had the answers and clues about CMC. You
know about brush strokes and glazes and what potters used to have to go

Your partner was an artist as well and a dear friend to you and tons of
other folks. He helped make your bats and tools,etc which can be shared
when folks are wondering how to do something? Why just the other day,
someone lost a life's partner and is wondering what tomorrow will be like
without them. And you know the SUN comes up, life moves on, new things
happen but those OLD stories will FOREVER be etched in your memory to pull
out anytime you need comfort or inspiration.
And really, we ALL feel like exploring new territory as a Potter, even if i=
has been done tons of other times in history, at that moment it is NEW to
us. So have you posted anything about your primitive firings? Hummmmmm???
Anything about your struggles or successes???? Why not share what it is
that you are exploring and passionate about? I bet you will fine, as you
have sooooooo many times before, that someone here will have an
answer,suggestion, story to share!

Have you talked about life living with family and what a BIG change that
must be? You have alot to share here, and many folks to listen and wonder
what their life will be like later on? Will I be potting as long as you
have? Will I have to adapt to changing circumstances? Will there ever be a
time when I can't play in clay? What will I do?

You best of all, you KNOW, the magical moment, when it's just you and the
clay and the wheel.....You get into the ZONE, not unlike an athlete who has
been trying for that one shot all there life, and the clay whispers.....
Some of the great teachers have heard the clay talk, but you dear Bonnie
have heard the Clay WHISPER.....

Mary Starosta
Colorado Potter