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anybody ever do this show?

updated sat 22 aug 09


gary navarre on thu 20 aug 09

Hay there Dawn,

You might try going over to that towns' community college clay department =
and ask them if anybody there enters. University students tend toward the e=
litist high end gallery venues so I wouldn't ask them. I haven't done shows=
for a long time, never thought I would for a while, but when I saw it was =
a possibility up here I went to any show within driving distance to get a v=
iew and talk to the potters even before starting to build the kiln. I can't=
sell what I don't have so after building an inventory I will enter these s=
hows because they looked "real". If you don't want to gamble on this show y=
et make sure you do a dry run and see it in action as a visitor. I even too=
k my video camera and interviewed some potters and others in Iron Mountain =
for my YouTube site... just too busy to post... but just be friendly and op=
en and you will get all kinds of information from the people on display. Sc=
ope out the people at artist registration to see their character, do
they seem honest or is it another con job to make $300 a pop per artist?

I did a show in lower Michigan sight unseen for some Bi neigh B organizati=
on and after setting up they complained my (wood-fired) prices were too hig=
h so I drove back from Kalamazoo to lower them. When the show was over I so=
ld nothing and realized it was more of a fund raising indoor farmers market=
garage sale. I'm sure it was a worthy cause but their venue was not what m=
y pots needed. Now-a-days the pieces would be more suited for the pretentio=
us high end gallery venue because wood fired is so cool now. Still I would =
try to attend another artists opening just to see if it was up to my standa=

Good sales and stay in there eh!

Gary Navarre
Navarre Pottery
Navarre Enterprises
Norway, Michigan, USA

--- On Thu, 8/20/09, Dawn Kleinman wrote:

> From: Dawn Kleinman
> Subject: Re: [Clayart] anybody ever do this show?
> Date: Thursday, August 20, 2009, 1:13 PM
> Thanks for your imput. I had thought
> of contacting the past artists who have
> participated but I honestly didnt recognize any names. I
> figured if I came
> here 1st, maybe some of them would be lurkers and it would
> be like we were
> already friends.
> Funny, some of them dont even have a website. I had tried
> to google a few to
> see their work and see what I was up against. I thought
> websites (even my
> free one) were pretty standard.
> And BIll, thanks. I like affluent snow birds.